A rollator tote bag - A key fashion accessory for people who use mobility aids

Fashion rollator bag

I see a lot of rollator users out on the town, going about their errands. I have also noticed many a bag or purse strap hanging off the handles, dangling a bit awkwardly near the wheels, getting all tangled up. The handle is definitely the logical place to hang a bag when using a rolling walker, but bags and purses were designed to hang off a shoulder and be accessible at the level of your hands, it’s not at all useful (or appealing) when they are “on show” so low to the ground.

We wanted to tidy up the look a bit by creating this fashionable rollator tote bag, an accessory made specifically for this mobility device. Our bag allows the users belongings to be kept close at hand, with the added security of keeping a phone, wallet, and other important items within reach when on the move. No more bending down to retrieve items from under the seat either. The rollator will wear the bag for you!

designer rollator bag attachment system

The key feature of our classic tote bag for rollators is its universal snap attachment system. Attach the top clip on the back of the bag between the handle and the brake cable, and the second one just beneath it. This system works well with A frame and T frame rollators. (See example images bellow for what frames these bags will work on.)

tonomy shop rollator accessoriestonomy shop rollator accessoriestonomy shop rollator accessories

The compact 12in x 10in x 2in, (23cm x 27.5cm x 5cm) bag is the perfect size to seamlessly integrate to a rollator frame without adding much to the overall width of the walker. We know that ease of use and security are both important requirements in a rollator bag: The magnetic snap closure makes the bag easy to open and close while keeping personal items safe. For the interior of the bag, we have chosen a light coloured lining to provide enough contrast to see the contents clearly. There is also an interior pocket and two exterior pockets for smaller items. The fabric and leatherette are wipeable and easy to maintain.

sophisticated rollator tote bag

We are proud to say that our mobility accessories are all made here in Montreal, Canada. In addition to being a company with a social mission, we strive to meet our environmentally goals as well, including reducing our environmental footprint by keeping manufacturing local.  

Tonomy Shop stylish aids for daily living

Tonomy Shop is a consumer products brand which focuses on the needs of the elderly. While reduced mobility often means having to adapt to the use of assistive devices, we feel that there are plenty of opportunities to offer better and more empowering products for older adults. We are doing our part by applying the principles of universal design to transform standard aids for daily living into dignified accessories that anyone would feel pride in using.

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