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At Tonomy Shop, we are rethinking beauty for the elderly. We are not alone in this mission. The buzz around anti-ageism is getting stronger with every year, and we are right there with our older clients, doing our part to show the confidence with which we can age gracefully.

Seniors are good at fashion

Advanced Style Seniors Fashion

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Aging with grace is easier on some levels than others. Fashionable grannies and dapper grandpas are not as hard to find as some might think. Photographer and author Ari Seth Cohen started the very successful blog, Advanced Style, which features seniors who “ life to the fullest, age gracefully and continue to grow and challenge themselves.” His project has been so popular that it has been made into a documentary and a book, and he has been credited for the trend for including older models on the runway and in magazines in the fashion industry.

Fashion is definitely a creative medium through which active seniors shine, but when people graduate to being older seniors, they often have to deal with disabilities that get in the way of their autonomy and which limit their aesthetic choices. As positive thinkers, we know that there is a work around for almost any limitation. At Tonomy Shop, our goal is to create dignified accessories for older adults.

Some solutions can be quite simple. Dining is a universal pleasure, but eating tidily when you have a disability due to aging or illness can be tough. I don’t know if you as a reader have looked for an adult bib before, but the vast majority of them could not be called fashion accessories!

Grace & Frankie circa 2027

So we came up with a small line of stylish bibs that would speak to the personalities of the folks that wear them. We kept this thought in mind as we were designing them: “What would Grace & Frankie want to wear to protect their fantastic clothes if it was 10 years in their future?”

Well this is what we came up with: A bib that drapes like a scarf, is waterproof and washable, and which comes in muted but distinguished patterns and fabrics that have nothing to do with a typical bib aesthetic. So without further ado, here they are, and please follow this designer adult bibs link to get to the full description for each variation on our website.


beautiful bib beautiful granny pretty bib for grandmother

1. Our charcoal coloured linen and cotton blend bib. The best combo of sophistication and absorption. 2. Refined black and grey print bib. This is the best quality jersey you have ever felt, with the added bonus of no wrinkles when it comes out of the wash.

Designer bib for elderly bib for elderly eating at restaurant

3. Our most popular print. (so popular we are going to have to find other prints that people want just as much!) 4. Basic black linen bib: We have basic black everything these days, so this will go with many favorite outfits. 

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