Christmas & Hanukkah Gifts for Older Seniors

Gift shopping for older seniors can be a challenge if you are looking for something more thoughtful than a box of chocolates or a bottle of perfume. As the holiday season draws nearer, it’s time to start hunting around for more personalized items. The trouble is, there aren’t many brands out there that are 100% focused on the lifestyle of elderly adults, which is a shame as our older folk are a very deserving bunch. We hope to fill the gap by providing dignified choices in gifts for people who use mobility aids or who may have shaky or arthritic hands. With that mission in mind, we would like to share with you a few products that are guaranteed to bring a proud smile to your most senior loved ones. Our products are lovingly made in Canada, which is an added bonus. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars, so that is a second added bonus if you are shopping from the states. 

Our classy walker and rollator tote bags - 72$ to 86$

Stylish walker rollator tote bags Tonomy Shop

This smart walker bag is a classic his or her gift. With adjustable velcro straps in the back, it attaches nicely to all standard upright walkers. This bag's cousin, the rollator purse clips on easily to rolling walkers using two side release buckles.

The bag has a cream coloured interior lining and a little flashlight, so it is easier for older eyes to see the contents inside. There is also a little pocket for keys or other smaller items. The bag can easily hold a book, wallet, iPad and a bottle of water in the main compartment, and also has two additional front pockets. It is a real eye catcher, and is used with pride by everyone who has one.

A red walker basket that is fit for a bicycle, but made for a walker - 52$

Red basket for walking aid walker

Our sassy red walker basket is an item any mobility aid user will enjoy showing off. This attractive basket is far more durable than the standard white or black model available today. It’s rounded corner design is appealing to the eye, and it’s shallow width sits snugly to the frame to reduce the chance of tipping should the basket be filled with heavier items. It attaches easily with matching velcro ties. Your elderly loved one will have easy access to their most needed possessions, and their walking frame will be transformed from an aid to an accessory.  

Making the ritual of dressing a dignified experience with this designerly dressing aid - 24$

Those darn buttons can be such a frustration if your fingers have lost their dexterity. There are tools out there that can help called dressing aids. Our rendition of a button and zipper aid has been crafted from baltic birch ply with a brass loop and hook, and is attractive enough to leave out on your dresser, and slim enough to carry with you in a small bag or purse.

Pass the loop through the hole, grab the button on the other side and pull it back through. You can use the tool in the reverse fashion to undo your shirt. The hook on the other side can be used to do up a zipper on a jacket or pair of pants. Our clothes make us feel good, and dressing independently is a definite confidence booster.

Sophisticated clothing protectors for fine dining - 36$

Designer clothing protectors for elderly

Our clothing protectors have been well designed to integrate well with any outfit. The elegant fabric choices are absorbent and are sewn to a subtle waterproof backing. The front drapes like a scarf and provides full coverage for the front of any shirt or blouse. They are machine washable and dryer safe. No need to tuck a white napkin in a shirt collar anymore with this high end scarf covering.

Happy holidays to your whole family, the old and young alike

All of us at Tonomy Shop wish you a holiday season filled with many moments of connection and caring with your family, and we hope we can contribute to those moments in our little way. To anyone out there with a loved one who has a disability, we’ve got your back.

Best wishes and happy holidays,

Zahra from Tonomy Shop

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