Designer rolling walkers, and a smart new accessory to go with them

Rollator tote bag Aina Wifalk

Aina Wifalk and her rollator design 1978                                                                 Tonomy Shop's new Rollator Tote Bag, 86$

A brief history of the rollator

Rollators are a popular choice of mobility aid, there is no doubt about that. Not only are they wonderfully practical, but they have become real trailblazers when it comes to examples of great design for the elderly or people with disabilities. This isn’t too surprising as the rolling walker was invented in Sweden, and Scandinavians have a knack of knowing how to make things functional and good looking too. The mastermind behind this three or four wheeled walking frame was none other than Aina Wifalk. As a polio sufferer, she knew what would make a difference in her quality of life, and her invention is adopted by more people with each passing year.

The rollator is about to celebrate it’s 40th year of existence (Ms Wifalk invented it in 1978) and has been applauded for the autonomy it provides. The frame and wheelbase give more stability to the user, and the larger wheels help to smoothly navigate turns and bumps, both indoors and out. The bench is a welcomed perch when taking a little pause, the basket is handy for carrying one’s belongings, and the hand brakes are welcome security feature.

What’s really fun is the enthusiasm that designers have when they take on the rolling walker to evolve and improve, both functionally and aesthetically. There are rollators out there with the proportions to challenge the beauty of a limited edition bike frame, and these walking aids have become a great way for people with mobility challenges to show off their personal style.

High end designs for rolling walkers

Gamimo 30 rollator

Gemimo 30 by MOSA Design Lab

Leading the pack of this new generation of rolling walkers was the Red Dot Award winner in 2011, the Gemino 30 designed by Norwegian MOSA Designlab. With it’s minimalist frame and incredibly compact folded position, this design is excellent for people on the go.

 Trust Rollator

The very lovely rollator by Trust

I would never have thought that a rollator could be described as sexy, but this beautiful version by TRUST is just that. With it’s sleek lines and high end materials, one couldn’t feel anything less than dignified while using it.

Paul Timmer Wood Rollator

A rolling walker in wood, by Paul Timmer

And this fun design in wood by Paul Timmer, who designed it for his father, goes to show that there are so many ways that we can personalise our aids for daily living in all sorts of creative ways.

A stylish tote bag for rollators

So rolling walker design seems to be well taken care of, but what about some fashionable accessories for these and other more standard models? We see far too many plastic bags twisting around themselves on the handles of rollators everywhere. We haven’t been able to find any, so we are in the process of making some. It’s time that these well thought out designs and well deserving seniors (and others!) have a nice looking bag that is easy to access and fits on the many different types of rollators out there.

Fast forward a few months...

We have finely have our new rollator bag finished and ready for our customers! This simple bag clips on T frame rollators (like the one you see below) and classic A frames too. This 12in x 10in x 2in, (23cm x 27.5cm x 5cm) bag is the perfect size to seamlessly integrate to a rollator frame without adding much to the overall width of the walker. Please go to the product page for more information. 


Tote Bag Purse for rollator
Tonomy's rolling walker purse accessory

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