Why linen is the perfect material for adult bibs

Designer Linen bibs for adults

Linen is at the top of our list of what we consider to be a classic, good quality material, and there are many reasons why we have this natural association. Linen is one of the oldest known woven fibres in the world. With the earliest remnants of dyed and woven linens found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia dating back 36 000 years, there has been ample time to prove the practical characteristics of this natural fibre.

Made from flax, linen has a natural lustre and becomes softer and more lustrous the more it is used, while still retaining its durability. With time, a well loved piece may develop the look and feel of silk. It is one of the most absorbent natural fibres around thanks to its wicking ability and is quick to dry. This is why linen is a popular choice for towels in some parts of the world. (If you have never used a Turkish towel before, I highly suggest it - I now prefer them over terry.)

Linen is also relatively easy to care for, as it is stain and dirt resistant, and is less likely to lint or pill. It can be machine washed or steamed, dry-cleaned, and can withstand a pretty hot iron. This makes it a great choice for all kinds of apparel, upholster, bedding, and as mentioned earlier, towels.

After learning about all the great qualities of this age old cloth, it didn’t take us long to figure out that linen was the best fabric for Tonomy Shop’s line of classy adult bibs. With it’s ability to absorb spills quickly, resist stains, and age well over time, we knew that we had found a dignified solution people with disabilities would feel confident wearing. We came up with a design that married our clients needs for respectability with a noble fabric choice, and voila!; shirt savers for older seniors who enjoy eating in style are now available at our online store. Bonne Appétit!

Linen adult bibs Tonomy Shop
1.Linen bib in black, 2.Cotton & Linen blend in a grey diagonal stripe

Designer linen bibs for adults

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