Our most useful accessory for eating out with older seniors

Restaurant Adult Bib Black

Fine dining; a popular activity to do with older parents

When my mother was nursing at a seniors home, she befriended one of the residents, a lovely Danish woman named Tove. Tove’s mobility was poor, as was her vision and hearing, but she did love going out for a good meal. So that is what my mother and Tove would do to spend quality time together.

As we age, we sometimes lose the ability to do the things we love, but one joy most of us get to hold on to is our love for food. So then it comes as no surprise that one of the things we love to do most with older seniors is treat them to a little night out at a favourite restaurant. Sharing a meal brings people together. Just over 28% of Canadians prefer going out to a restaurant as a way to spend time with friends and family, and Canadians who are 55 and older are more than twice as likely as those aged 18 to 34 to rank dining out as their number one choice for spending time with loved ones. (Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association, 2010)

A refined black bib for our elderly friends who love to eat out

As it goes, eating neatly can be a challenge for an elderly person or someone with disabilities, and when you are dressed in your best for your special night out on the town, it is a good idea to bring something along to protect your clothing. Tucking the napkin in your shirt is a common option, but there is another well thought out solution to keeping blouses free from stains and still look the part.

The Tonomy Shop black linen adult bib is not really a bib at all but a stylish accessory for older adults and people with disabilities. This clothing protector drapes like a scarf to blend in with any outfit and the high quality fabric is fashionable, absorbent and waterproof. The black is perfect for hiding stains. The folds are there to catch crumbs and absorb spills and fully covers the front of the wearer.

So when you next treat a beloved family member with limited abilities to some fine dining, consider bringing a practical and dignified accessory that will complement the evening as much as that glass of wine will complement the meal.


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