Recovering from an injury? Keep your essentials close at hand with this stylish red basket or bag for folding walkers.

Walker Basket Bag Rehabilitation accessories safety Tonomy Shop

Folding walkers, or walking frames are medical aids that are often used in rehabilitation settings to facilitate safe walking. They are used by people of all ages be it for folk who are recovering from a surgery, leg or back injury, the elderly, and for those who must get by with mobility handicaps. They are considered a safer alternative to crutches and canes as both hands are needed.

Whether a walker is used long-term or short-term, it is important to consider the individual needs of the user, and what other aids for daily living they may need in order to have as much autonomy as possible. As the use of walkers engages both hands, accessories such as baskets, bags, cup holders and trays become key in managing personal belongings and maintaining independence.

Gaining a sense of confidence is very important when adapting to a new level of mobility, both physically and psychologically. As standard folding walkers are not exactly the sexiest aids out there, we have designed a fashionable basket and bag that will help people carry their necessary belongings around safely and with dignity. So without further ado, here are some details about these two must have mobility accessories:

Basket for Folding Walker with Velcro Ties Tonomy Shop

Key features of our walker basket 48$

  • 17” L x 5 ¾” H x 5” D, (43cm x 14.5cm x 13cm)
  • A stylish option compared to standard baskets, with beautifully curved sides and an angled top.
  • Attaches with matching velcro ties. The open channel at the back of the basket allows for a snug and secure fit for walkers with straight or angled cross bars. (Please refer to last three images on our product page to insure you own a compatible walking frame.)
  • This product is designed and made in Canada with quality materials and a lot of love. Great value for money.

Stylish Bag for Walker rehabilitation accessories Tonomy Shop

Key features of our walker bag 58$

  • This 12” W x 10” H x 2” W, (23cm x 27.5cm x 5cm) bag is the perfect size to seamlessly integrate to a walker frame.
  • The magnetic snap closure makes the bag easy to open and close while keeping personal items safe.
  • The light coloured lining provides contrast so you can see your belongings clearly.
  • An easy to install universal velcro attachment system allows for a good fit on all models of walking frames.
  • Our classic material choices bring a sophisticated look that works well for both men and women.

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