Shopping for adult bibs? 8 qualities to consider before you buy.

We've created a handy list of points to consider when purchasing an adult bib, and we have made it available to you in a handy infographic to save and refer too. You can check out Tonomy Shop's adult bib collection to see this season's colours and patterns. Happy Shopping!

Do you need to protect clothing from spills and stains and are researching different options? Your choices range from disposable paper napkins to bonafide fashion accessories. Whether you are looking for a bib for someone with an illness such as dementia, for a stroke sufferer, a convalescing patient, someone with special needs or simply a messy eater, here are a few things to consider when buying an adult bib:

1. Does the bib feel good or look silly?

  • Dignity is a key issue. Which style of bib would he or she feel best wearing; a standard flat bib, a bib that drapes like a scarf, or a funny bib?
  •  Do the colours of the bib reflect the wearer's personality and clothing?
  • Would the wearer take the bib to use for a special night out to a restaurant?

2. Is the bib comfortable to wear?

  • Consider what the bib is made from. There are bibs made from silicon, plasticized fabric, natural cotton and linen, and wrinkle free poly blends. 
  • Is the bib soft and supple or stiff and scratchy?

3. Will the bib catch crumbs?

  • Some bibs have a Kangaroo pocket at the bottom to catch crumbs. 
  • Draping scarf bibs catch crumbs in the folds under the chin.
  • Does the wearer need lap protection? It's always a good move to check the length of a bib. 

4. Is the bib absorbent and waterproof?

  • Does the wearer require a bib that repels liquids and is wipeable or is a bib that absorbs spills better for their needs? 
  • Check to make sure that absorbent bibs also have a waterproof backing to protect clothing. 

5. Is the bib made from quality materials?

  • Look for bibs with superior construction that are made from robust materials and colours that hide staines. 
  • Check to make sure that your bib is not made from light patterns and cheap materials that will cost more in replacements in the long run. 

6. Is the bib washable?

  • Can the bib be thrown in the washing machine?
  • Is the bib wipeable?
  • If the bib you choose has velcro, remember to attach the band before putting it into the wash. 

7.  How does the bib it attach?

  • Can the wearer put the bib on themselves or will they need help? Consider arm and hand dexterity. 
  • Bibs can attach with snaps, velcro and ties. Check which you prefer. Velcro allows for an adjustable fit.

8. Where is the bib made?

  • It's always a bonus when you can support businesses who keep their production close to home. 

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