The AGNES age simulation suit


As a little follow up to last weeks blog post, I want to share this video of Joseph F. Coughlin doing a TEDx Talk in Boston way back in 2011. It touches on the key points of what he has written in his book, The Longevity Economy

His book he describes the AGNES, the suit the AgeLab developed to simulate old age. It was the first time that I have seen it in the real and now I want one! It would be great to spend a week in that thing, going about daily life and getting a better idea of what it is like to live in an elderly body. I can't call myself young anymore, but as a designer who wants to improve the lives of older people, this experience is something that would be priceless. 

Here is another video in which they describe the elements of the suit in detail. 


And here is an image of the suit with details.

AGNES Age Simulation Suit Features Tonomy Shop Design For Aging



In terms of developing new products for Tonomy Shop, this will definitely be an eye opening tool to use in the future. From designing how a rollator purse might be better designed to take on or off, to identifying new products that would be helpful around the home. I will have to look into making an AGNES for myself!




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