We need to include seniors in the discussion on "Age Friendly Cities"

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Our friends at Concordia's EngAGE community are doing great work bringing together academic professionals who are working on improving the quality of life of senior citizens. They are also pushing for advocacy at a local level. Here is what they are working on now. If you live in Montreal, please participate!


Yesterday, Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT) and engAGE: Centre for Research on Aging sent a public letter to Mayor Valérie Plante. In this letter, we express our concerns with the City of Montreal's upcoming public consultation process around Age Friendly Cities. Click here​ to read the press release and the letter.

We are concerned that City's consultation process does very little to include the opinions of older adults who are marginalized through disability, poverty, language, lack of internet access, etc. 

We think inclusion, accessibility and poverty reduction are important features of an age-friendly city and we hope you can help us by sharing this letter with your friends, family, colleagues, and local politicians. 

 And, if you can attend any of the City's public consultations and provide your own, very valuable feedback, please do! Here is the City's webpage, with the list of dates and the online survey. 

If you have questions or would like to provide input, please email or call us:

Constance Lafontaine - 514-574-0182 / admin@actproject.ca

Kendra Besanger - 438-880-8272 / communication@actproject.ca

Fatima Hirji - 438-889-7860 / engage@concordia.ca

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